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Jazz was born in the United States as everyone knows, but like Classic music it has prevailed all over the world appealing the artistic and international features. Scandinavian Jazz stands extremely high in the global standard, and in order to share such an excellent jazz with more people, Yasuhito Mori launched the “Scandinavian-Japan Connection” program as grassroots activities several years ago, through which he promotes active exchanges of Jazz musicians between these countries. Unfortunately, the Scandinavian Jazz musicians have not been recognized sufficiently in Japan and the Japanese Jazz musicians vice versa, thus lacking opportunities in performing in mutual countries. Recently Swedish pop music has gained more popularity in Japan, but it is still a fact that both countries have a long way to go from each other physically and culturally.

It is the aim of “Scandinavian-Japan Connection by Yasuhito Mori” to contribute to bringing these countries closer by building the bridge through exchanging musicians and developing more concerts. 

Yasuhito Mori, 28 november 2017


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Photo: Name

Photo: Name


Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1952, he started to play in major jazz clubs in Tokyo while attending Aoyama Gakuin High School and University. After graduating university, he played with Masayuki Jojo Takayanagi and many other artists.

In 1981 he moved to Sweden and has worked with Swedish jazz musicians in many different constellations. Artists he has played with include Putte Wickman, Bengt Hallberg as well as guests George Coleman, Lee Konitz, Bob Berg,†Bob Mintzer, Maria Schneider, Ken Peplowski, Art Farmer, Karin Krog, Clark Terry, Georgie Fame, Billy Hart, Billy Harper, and many others.

Today Mori performs with the Bohuslan Big Band, Tommy Kotter Trio, and Jonny Wartel Quartet, etc.

He was part of tenor saxophonist Stan Getz's Quartet with Kenny Barron and Ben Riley during their European tour in the summer of 1989.

He worked often with The Toots Thielemans Quartet between 1992 and 2005.

-In 1994 Mori started a concert series called Scandinavian Japan Connection, and since 1994 he has made 56 tours both in Japan and Sweden with several Swedish and Japanese musicians, including twice on the Bohuslän Big Band Tour of Japan until 2017.

-In June 2000, he performed at the Carnegie Hall, New York as†a member of the Swedish star clarinet player Putte Wickman quartet. 

-In June 2003, Mori was invited to ISB Comvention in Vaerginea, USA(Internatianal Soceity of Bassists) as a guest artist.

Photos & videos

Obsolete Piece #5

April 25th 2008 with Anders Persson & Personkrets II-V-I/Live at Shinjuku Pit Inn, Tokyo

Jonny wartels 4tet

May 15th 2015 with Jonny Wartels 4tet/Live at Brötz, Gothenburg



133) Sisters of Invention & Bohuslän Big Band / ”En Rymd av Färg”(Vara Konserthus & BBB VCH/BBB 2017/01)

132) Jan Melen Trio / ”Wind From The Sea

131) Tommy Kotter Trio / ”Improvisation” (Nilent Records NIL CD 1701)

130) Tommy Kotter Trio med Gine Anderssen, Stefan Engberg / ”Tender Land” (Nilent Records NIL CD 1702)

129) Johan Berke / "Simpatico" (Gason Jazz Records/Naxos CD761)

128) Rain Sultanov /Inspired by Nature (Ozella Music OZ 068CD)

127) Rain Sultanov /Inspired by Nature (Ozella Music OZ 068LP)


126) BBB, Erik Gullbransson & Wermland Opera Symfonietta / ”Frankly”  

    (Vara Konserthus & BBB VCH/BBB 2016/01)

125) Michiyo Horiuchi / "Close to You" (Fantastic Records FR 2001)


124) Johan Berke / "Summer Ghosts" (Gason Jazz CD 757)

123) Yuki Asane / "Yuki Asane & Songs" (Aquaism Records 4573213780015)


122) Rain Sultanov /Live at Porgy & Bess (Jazz Dunyasi Music

121) Rain Sultanov / ”Voice of Karabakh” (CAT No.49401307)

120) Ronny Johansson Trio / ”The Jubilee”  (Gramco Jazz Selection)

119) Yasushi Ichihara, Shigeo Fukuda, Yasuhito.Mori

    “TRIO’ / Amazing Grace" (i-produce IPTR-1401)

118) Rain Sultanov / ”Seven Sound Of Azerbaijan - Inspierd By Nature / CD & DVD

117) Gotland Jazz Operation Project / ”Volume 1” (Prophne PCD-143)


116) Yasuichiro Yamaguchi & Yasuhito Mori / ”And We Met” (Karuizawa Jazz Factory  KJF-001)

115) Kaori Nishijima / ”White in Dark” (Diw The Grace DG-1003)

114) Personkrets II-V-I / ”Ten Masterpieces” (Imogena IGCD-170)

113) Ale Möller & Bohuslän Big Band  / ”Pegasus” (Prophone PCD-121)

112) Örjan Hultéb Trio & Johan Berke  / ”The Dead”   (Artogrush OCD-008)


111) Ronny Johansson Trio / ”New Jubilee” (Mori Music KB RJCD-12)

110) Yuka Kudo / "Dakko" (TFRC 1203)

109) Yuichi Kudo Trio / "Birth - Longing For Sweden"  (TFRC 1201)


108) Maria Rylander / "Facing South" (MRCD 01)

107) Bohuslän Big Band, Colin Towns /“Don´t Fence Me In” (ACT 9028-2)

106) Martini Minou & The Jazz Dream Team / "Witches Brew" (YIM 001)


105) Yasushi Ichihara, Shigeo Fukuda, Yasuhito.Mori

    “TRIO’ /LIVE" (i-produce IPTR-1001)

104) Bohuslän Big Band “DoReMI SaFaRi” (Vara Konserthus /VCH/BBB 2010-1)

103) Ronny Johansson Trio & Ove Ingemarsson ”Permanent Vacation”(Mori Music KB RJCD-10)

102) Ewan Svensson Trio with Linda Pettersson Bratt & Antoine Hervé

       ”Sunrise on the Moon” (Dragon DRCD 412)

101) Fabio Bottazzo Trio ”It´s Coincidence” (FABIO 012)

100) Ewan Svensson Trio “Moments Passed” (Dragon DRCD 414)


99) Bohuslän Big Band “Good Time Christmas” (Vara Konserthus/VCH/ BBB 2009-2)

98) Masayuki Takayanagi   ”Second Concept” (Jinyadisk B-1920)

97) Tomo'o Tsuruya's "Crimson Thread" (ZAZZY ZCL-019~020)

96) Erik Norström & Sävdalen Big Band/"Kungälvs Recording Correction" (Chateau Disk XQEN-1005)

95) Yasushi Ichihara, Shigeo Fukuda, Yasuhito.Mori

    “TRIO’ /LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS" (i-produce IPTR-0901)

94) IZUMI WADA GROUP “JUST THE TWO OF US" (ich will records)●

93)  Bohuslan Big Band featuring Lew Soloff & Adam Nussbaum “Porgy and Bess” (Vara Konserthus BBB 2009-1)●


92) Jaqee & Bohuslan Big Band “Letter to Billie” (Vara Konserthus BBB 2008-2)●

91) Elegy “Ronny Johansson Trio" (Ronnyjo Collection RJCD-08)●

90) Steve Swallow & Bohuslän Big Band “Swallow Songs" (Vara Konserthus BBB 2008-1)●

89) Masayuki Takayanagi Group “Live at Taro" (Jinyadisk B-13) 2007

88) Tomo'o Tsuruya's "jazz trYst/Serendipity" (Zazzy ZCL-011)

87) Anders Persson & Personkrets  “Obsolute Music / Personkrets Ⅱ-Ⅴ-Ⅰ" (IMOGENA AB IGCD-137 )●

86) Joelle, Anders Persson, Yasuhito Mori

  “Joelle / Love Letters" (King Record co.,ltd.SEVEN SEA SKICJ-524)●

85) Yasushi Ichihara, Shigeo Fukuda, Yasuhito.Mori

   “Trio’ /Come Rain or Come Shine" (i-produce IPTR-0701)


84) Wong Wing Tsan Jazz Trio “In Those Days” (Satowa STW-7021)●

83) Ronny Johansson Trio “Live in Tokyo" (Ronnyjo Collection RJCD-06)●

82) Kokopelli/ Yuki Saga & Masaki Hayashi “Kokopelli" (Casnet CSNT-9004)


81) Ewan Svensson Quartet with Linda Pettersson “Light & Shade” (Nocturne NO.051025-02)

80) Yasushi Ichihara, Shigeo Fukuda, Yasuhito.Mori “Trio’/Love is here to stay” (i-produce IPTR-0501)

79) Bohuslän Big Band “Fyra Kungar, En Dam & Bohuslän Big Band” (EMI Capitol 7243 4 74381 27)

78) "NHK  Nihongode Asobo/Ame nimo makezu" (NHK Educational/Werner Music Japan  WPCL-10178)

77) Ewan Svensson Quartet “Just Live to tell the tail” (SOL SC-0011)

76) Bohuslan Big Band featuring Lew Soloff & Adam Nussbaum “Porgy and Bess” (SOL SC-DV12)

75) Tommy Kotter Trio “Celebrating Spring” (SOL SC-0010)

74) Winduo "Tallinn"  (Imogena IGCD 124)


73) Yasushi Ichihara, Shigeo Fukuda, Yasuhito.Mori

   “Trio’ /What Are you doing the rest of Life” (i-produce IPTR-0401)●

72) Ulf Wakenius Group “Checkin’ In” (SOL SC-0009)●

71) Hod O'Brien Trio “Fanfare” (SOL SC-0008)●

70) Ronny Johansson Trio “Tenderly” ( SOL SC-0007)●


69) Anders Persson Trio “In Person” (SOL SC-0006)●

68) Lars Jansson & Bohuslän Big Band “Temenos” (SOL SC-0005)●

67) Ove Ingemarsson Quartet “New Blues” (SOL SC-0004)●

66) Lina Nyberg, Anders Persson , Yasuhito Mori “A Song Book” (SOL SC-0003)●

65) Ulf Wakenius Group “Tokyo Blue” (SOL SC-0002)●


64) Gunnar Eriksson & Göteborgss Kammarkö “Tankarnas Gröna Träd” (Footprint Record FRCD 004)

63) Katrine Madssen & Bohuslän Big Band “Magic Night” (Music Mecka 3090-2)●

62) Ronny Johansson Trio “Jubilee” (Imogena IGCD 097)●

61) Lars Jansson, Anders Kjellberg Yasuhito Mori “At Ease” (SOL SC-0001)●

60) Eddie Daniels & Putte Wickman “Tow of a Kind” (Sitell SITCD 9287)



59) Ewan Svensson Trio “Figures” (Dragon DRCD 367)

58) Jazz I Lerum All Star Band (INV CD014)

57) Wong Wing Tsan Jazz Trio “WIM 2 On the small road” (Satowa STW-7014)●

56) Tommy Nilsson Quintet feat Staffan Nilsson / "Keep Swingin´"  (Liphone LiCD3208)



55) Swedish Jazz Salutes USA / Putte Wickman Quartet

   “The Mew York Invasion Vol 2 / Absolute Jazz in Carnegie Hall” (Phontastic Phont NCD8860)

54) Rolf Jardemark “Toco” (Guitarland Records GLRCD001)

53) Jan Allan, Eric Norström, Rune Gustafsson, & Yasuhito Mori “Soft Ware” (ImogenaIGCD)

52) Bohuslän Big Band “Ramel,Ramel,Ramel,” (Gazell GAF CD-1029)

51) Bohuslän Big Band “Faces” (Imogena IGCD084)●

50) Lars Lindgren “Walkin’ Around” (Phono Svecia PSCD131)

49) Ronny Johansson+Yasuhito Mori Duo “Nuages” (Imogena IGCD083)●

48) Ulf Wakenius “Live” (Dragon DRCD347)


47) Sonya Hedenbratt 1951-1997 “Godbitar med Sonya” (INV CD011)

46) Möller + Knutsson “Latitudes Crossing” (Warner Sweden/Atrium 3984-29704-2)

45) Winduo “Duo”(Imogena IGCD077)

44) Wong Wing Tsan Jazz Trio “WIM” (Satowa STW-7010)●

43) Anders Persson Trio “Domestic Wax” (Prophone PCD049)●


42) Bertil Lövgren “4-5-6” (Liphone LiCD3193)

41) Lars Jansson & Bohuslän Big Band “One Poem, One Painting”(Imogena IGCD 074)●

40) Gösta Rundqvist Trio Special Guest Toots Thielemans “Bernhard’s boat “(Sittel SITCD 9234)


39) Stan Getz Quartet “Soul Eyes” (Concord Jazz CCD 4783-2)

38) Peter Almqvist Trio “Peter Almqvist Trio With Horace Parlan” (Storyville STCD 4205)

37) Ulf Wakenius Dig In! With Gösta Rundqvist, Yasuhito Mori, Jukkis Uotila” (Sittel SITCD 9230)

36) Rolf Jardemark “Further Adventures In Guitarland” (Imogena IGCD67)


35) Sir Galtfrids Trombones “Don’t Be Afraid” (Liphone LiCD3169)

34) Debbie Cameron “Be With Me” (BMG Sweden 74321 37406 2)

33) Lars Jansson & Bohuslän Big Band “The Blue Pearl” (Phono Suecia PSCD 97)●

32) Ewan Svensson Trio “Streams” (Dragon DRCD 291)

31) Martin Löfgren Quartet “Flow” (Amigo AMCD 875)

30) Anders Persson Trio “At Large” (Dragon DRCD 286)

29) Winduo & Wong Wing Tsan “East Wind” (Imogena IGCD 66)


28) Ronny Johansson Trio “Ingela Bergman & Ronny Johansson Trio” (RJCD 95)

27) Peter Almqvist Trio “Dig, Myself And I” (Storyville STCD 4201)

26) Lennart Jonken Jonsson “I Thought About You” (Sittel SITCD 9220)

25) Heyoka “Loaned Finery” (Tutl Record HJF 29)


24) Yasuko Agawa “Love Bird” (VICL 18156)

23) The Real Thing & Bohuslän Big Band “A Perfect Match” (Real Record)

22) Sven-Eric Dahlberg “1,2,3, ........” (Intim Musik IMCD 29)

21) Gösta Rundqvist “Unyil We Have Faces” (Sittel SITCD 9212)

20) Jukka Linkola & Bohuslän Big Band “Pegasos” (Imogena IGCD 50)●


19) Putte Wickman “Time After Time” (BMG 7413 17297 2)

18) Tommy Kotter Quintet “Ritual Dance” (Imogena IGCD 33)


17) Bohuslän Big Band “West Winds” (Fusion CD 108)


16) Maria Eriksson Band “First Light” (Public Road PR 290)

15) Skårsskolans Kör “Sjärnan Lyserklar” (Imogena IGCD 28)


14) Margareta & Dan Evmark “Havsvind” (Imogena IGCD 12)

13) Winduo “World Winds” (Imogena IGCD 10)

12) Staffan Linton Trio “Unfinished Affair” (Dragon DRCD 193)


11) Ygdrasil “Brøytingar” (Tutl Record HJF 21)

10) Sonya Hedenbratt “My Best Friends” (Intim Musik IMCD 3)

09) Erik Norström & Sävdalen Big Band “Before Breakfast” (PSF 2)


08) Winduo “Open Winds” (Dragon DRLP 146)


07) Erik Norström & Sävdalen Big Band “Take Off” (PSF 1)


06) Staffan Linton & Yasuhito Mori “Never Green” (Dragon DRLP 76)


05) Isobop “Isobop” (Coop 8306)

04) Guitars Unlimited Quartet “Phrase Race”Coop 8303)

03) Mount Everest “Latin Blue” (Four Leaf Record FLC 5066)


02) Yasuko Agawa “First Fruits” (JVC VV 5004)

  ★ CD version 2007

01) Koji Moriyama “Live at Misty”feat. Masayuki JoJo Takayanagi (JVC SJX 20149)

  ★ CD version 2007


00) GYM Memorial Album /"Sokango"  (Ginza Yamaha Music)



01) MOTOMARO / "Sarubia no Hana" (Canyon A-101)